Positive Review of www.SunSparkPurity.com  

Fantastic service, great American/European quality and website! Positive experience! Highly recommended SunSparkPurity!

Price of caffeine + lidocaine: 5/5 stars
Quality of caffeine + lidocaine : 5/5 stars
Packaging of product: 5/5 stars
Deliverytime: 5/5 stars

Wow, what an amazing website and product! I discovered www.SunSparkPurity.com when I was looking for caffeine powder. I can see that the website also sell lidocaine powder, which is another type of product. All in all I was very positive about SunSparkPurity.
The payment option is ONLY Western Union and I was a bit apprehensive about that, but I decided to give it a good chance and made my purchase. I paid for 4 kg caffeine.

The customer service with SunSparkPurity.com is GREAT! Seriously the best service I have ever met online. They have a phonenumber, customer support, email support 24/7 all year round! That is seriously good! SunSparkPurity definitely strikes me as a company that takes good care of their clients and that is why they are getting a good review from me.  I was very pleased with the entire process 🙂

After I paid for the products I got a tracking number 2 days after. This is very general in the caffeine business I see, since most of the other websites always take around 2-3 days before the tracking number is ready.

The product from SunSparkPurity arrived at my address easily and with no problems. The package was very tightly packed which was good! The 4 kg arrived safely. Eventhough the payment method at SunSparkPurity made me wonder, I still went for it and I’m happy I did! 🙂

They even had a very cool description video on their website, to explain to me, why they only accepted Western Union! Now THAT is service and thinking about your customers!  See the video on their website or click this link to youtube:

All in all, Sun Spark Purity was a positive, good and great experience. They deliver on time, they deliver as promised, they simply have great products and I highly recommend them 🙂

I simply have to say that the professionalism is amazing with this website, they get a top rating from me. Great experience with SunSparkPurity and a great review: www.SunsparkPurity.com


http://www.Euro-Caffeine.com is now a new provider of caffeine powder to the European market!

A whole new company has seen the light in Europe! (APRIL 2009)

The company is called Euro-Caffeine and their direct link is http://www.Euro-Caffeine.com
The good thing is, that they are vertically integrated (like the crime-guy from Miami Vice says) so they produce, farm, grow, harvest, export, etc., all the caffeine for themselfes.

The plants are 100% organic grown, making this caffeine powder 100% pure and organic!
Much caffeine powder on the market today is synthetic caffeine or caffeine that is thinned down. But here you can actually PURCHASE completely pure caffeine powder that is organic.

So I highly recommend that website. The other good thing is, that the prices are in € euro, and the delivery is damn fast. You can select different languages on the website, that emphasizes their control over the European market 🙂


So yet again, let me recommend http://www.Euro-Caffeine.com

Ok, I am going to make this really easy for the people who are reading this.

Buy 50 grams of caffeine powder

Buy 50 grams of caffeine powder

Buy 100 grams of caffeine powder

Buy 100 grams of caffeine powder

If you would like to purchase caffeine powder directly then you can do so now:

Origin: CHINA
Delivery time: 8 days (small orders) 30 days (bulk orders)
Shipped from: Europe (small orders) , China (bulk orders)
Payment: EURO €
Price level: Low
Quality: High
Buy online: www.ChinaCaffeinePowder.com


Origin: 100% pure PURE powder! CHINA / BRAZIL
Delivery time: 4 days (small orders) 10 days (bulk orders)
Shipped from: Europe on all orders / Track & Trace numbers
Payment: EURO €
Price level: Low
Quality: EXTREMELY High
Buy online: www.UltraCaffeina.com

Delivery time: 8-10 days (small orders) 30 days (bulk orders)
Shipped from: Europe on all orders / Track & Trace numbers
Payment: UK £
Price level: Low
Quality: High
Buy online: www.BulkCaffeinePowder.com


Origin: BRAZIL
Delivery time: 8-10 days (small orders) 30 days (bulk orders)
Shipped from: Europe on all orders / Track & Trace numbers
Payment: UK £
Price level: Medium
Quality: Very High
Buy online: www.Ag-Nutri.com.br

Ok, it’s time for an update here on my caffeine powder blog! 🙂

First of all, there has been a shortage of caffeine powder worldwide due to the Olympics in China. As many of you may know, there are only 2 places in the world where they professionally and naturally extract caffeine powder. Those two places are BRAZIL and SOUTH CHINA … the plant, which is used for these extractions and are potent enough to be used to extract pure caffeine powder, is mainly found in these places. All other countries import the plants from Brazil or China and initiate the extraction process themselfes, which makes the purchase a bit more expensive…

As you may know, the largest manufacturer from Brazil that sell online is AG-NUTRI at www.ag-nutri.com.br and now a new player has seen the light of day, and joined the power caffeine-cartel organisation that is led by AG-NUTRI and formed the Pure China Caffeine Powder which is direct bulk and small quantity purchases from www.ChinaCaffeinePowder.com .

The reason why I would like to emphasize the new website is for 2 main (3 reasons)
1) The make sales in EURO € which has been needed on the online caffeine powder market !
2) They offer a MASSIVE discount on bulk purchases when you buy more than 200 kilo caffeine powder. I’ve heard rumors that AG-NUTRI and CCP (China Caffeine Powder) have lowered the costs on Ex-Works delivery to around 20 US Dollars PER KILO!!! But this is only rumors and I have no confirmation on this.
3) … the final reason : We need yet another professional company, that can take care of the online world of caffeine anhydrous powder sale.

Rumors have also went through the internet, that there has been many delays from www.BulkCaffeinePowder.com but neither me or my network has experienced this. So far I know, delivery time is between 15-20 days which is OK.

So – if you are looking for a new, professional partner in the purchase of Caffeine Powder Anhydrous, I would like to ask you to check out www.ChinaCaffeinePowder.com because they are actually pretty good to work with, great service and I think that their delivery times are very fair.  (I waited 8 days for 100 grams and I think it was good!)